Thursday, January 15, 2015

About Noviolent Self-Defense and Crisis Intervention

What is Nonviolent Self-Defense?

Attempting to reconcile such opposing concepts as self-defense and nonviolence may be viewed by some as an exercise in futility. However, this is what we attempt to do here in the most concrete way possible. While acknowledging both the limitations and strengths of a rigorously nonviolent approach, we propose that it is possible to effectively apply humane principles to both physical crisis intervention and personal protection.

What we present here is a fully integrated system for training in the practical application of nonviolent principles as they apply to the context of interpersonal violence. This is not merely a course in self-defense. It is rather a form of personal training offering a variety of sophisticated methods that teach essential skills of nonviolent defense and physical control that are both safe and practical.

The methods taught herein are highly functional, but learning these skills and attitudes requires significant training and dedication. Basic core skills must be practiced in a variety of spontaneous training situations over a long period of time before the student will be able to cope with the random and highly unpredictable nature of interpersonal violence and aggression. This approach to nonviolent intervention requires great skill, activity, and presence on the part of the defender.

It is also important to note that this system has its limitations. Learning this or any other method of physical intervention that purports to be relatively nonviolent simply provides a margin of advantage or safety—not a magical umbrella of protection. We do not propose that these skills, even performed at a high level of competence, can somehow provide total immunity to violent attack. However, if these methods are practiced and applied assiduously, the probability of a safe and successful outcome will be increased significantly.


heteromeles said...

When will the book be published?

Kent Howard said...

We are looking for a publisher now. Thanks!

heteromeles said...

Cool! Please keep everyone posted. If that doesn't work, might I suggest Lulu or some similar service?

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